Accident Repair

We offer the ultimate best of Accident Repair services in Sydney.
With a team of highly qualified Sydney auto experts, we are totally dedicated to producing 5 star results and maximum satisfaction for all our clients. We are fully equipped to carry out a wide range of repairs, right from little scratches to major accident impairment.
When your vehicle becomes accident-ed, we will quickly provide cutting-edge solution to make sure the vehicle is brought back to good looking condition; and this is where our accident repair service is adjudged as the best in Sydney.
Our workshop is fully equipped and has the very latest equipment to guarantee that contemporary vehicles are well serviced & accident areas repaired to manufacturer’s specifications.
At Queen Street Customs – we undertake repairs for private folks, as well as fleets & management organizations. And while we are a forward thinking company, something stays consistent, and that’s we never toil with the values that have made us prosperous, i.e. – service, trust, and reliability.
With our Accident Repair solutions;
We will send our licensed technician(s) to go pick up your vehicle
We then arrange for substitute transportation while your car gets fixed and repaired
We also will be glad to work with your insurance company in Sydney
Here, we fully repair your vehicle, properly clean it in & out; and promptly return it on-schedule